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Isn't it time we clean up our House? This division has gone on far too long. We need to replace many of our current Congress with more Conservative leaders who will unite the parties and get them to meet in the middle with Patriotism and love for God, family & our country being our strength of our Union.  We need a Republican leader who is not afraid to speak up for God and their values.  We need  to have those conversations about the Heartbeat Petitionsand bills that are passing all over the USA,  We need to inspire cithe people to elect citizen legislators, such as myself, who will represent our people and their interests as well as bring Unity to the USA once more. We need balance back on many issues such as reconditioning the current Common Core curriculum to make it more suited for the needs of the students.   Our parents are leaving our district's public schools because they know their children are not thriving like they should. This is mainly due to the changes in the curriculum that occurred in the last 10 years.
Hi. I am Christina Fitchett-Hickson. A former Flint teacher running for Congress in Michigan's 5th district.
I believe voters deserve a Congress that will truly represent their needs as individual districts. This includes review of our children's public education systems as well as their representation of interests in their everyday struggles including affordable car and health insurance. It is time that we go back to the framers of the Constitution's original intent to represent districts with the people that live and work equally in that community. Not those paid to run by other states as puppets of politicians. The age of the corrupt politician is over! During this new information age with social media, it is now possible to run a grassroots campaign, funded by individual donors such as yourselves, and successfully win.
The voters deserve to elect a public servant who will work for them and beside them taking their voice to Washington D.C. I will deliver the results. My team and I have the plan and resources as well as the connections to make this happen. I also have 15 years teaching and leadership experience to bring a Conservative educator's perspective into Congress to bring balance and unity to the existing Congress. It is about time we demand change! I look forward to earning your trust and being your Congressional Representative! Thank you for your continued support. Please donate below. We need to get the yard signs and more advertisement materials that we need. We also need more volunteers. So, please leave your information and we will contact you to set up a schedule.
Thank you for having a part in this great movement in our history. This election will go down in history. Together we can win back the government for the people and bring God and unity back to the United States! Everyone can do their part! No matter how small the donation. Even $5 can add up to buy more yard signs. Together we can run a true grassroots campaign and take your voices to DC.


Saturday, February 22, 2020 12:13 AM

A Record Breaking Number of Republicans are running for Offices including Christina Fitchett-Hickson

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Friday, December 27, 2019 9:47 AM

Common Core Worst Large Scale Educational Failure

Thursday, December 26, 2019 11:49 AM

This Election is the Most important Election of our Lives

What the democrats don't realize is that their values are not our immigrants values. Most of our immigrants are good family immigrants. They are Christian and they do not like the values that the democrats share with the community. They cannot stand behind killing babies. All the immigrants need is some information and they will totally choose the Republican side. Because the republicans are the party of the people now. Mainly because they are getting into offices through the Republican party like Donald Trump did and how I plan to. This is going to create a shift and a loyalty that the democrats have never seen before. As we prosper more and more knowing that the people are working to get other people into offices, they will see who they can trust. This is very important, this rising up of the people. The democrats are pretending to be that party but they didn't show that recently. For we gave them the 1st chance and they blew it. They said they were going to help unite the people again and the parties would be by the people. Instead they stuck in the CIA a and the FBI and they further divided our people. Bullying the minority and creating a further divide and completely ignoring the Constitution to create their own Impeachment process complety ignoring the will of the minority. This changed our government system to only a Democracy or mob ruled! We are a Republic which is different than that! We protect the individual and the minority especially! This is why the Democrats will lose many seats and no longer be entrusted to be a majority. We need to unite our people not divide. Protect individuals and minorities not bully them into submission! With our prosperous economy we can do this! We will lower taxes again and fix our health care system along with car insurance and get our economy producing money for the people and share it as we prosper together! Create a surplus in revenue and share that with our citizens. Similar how Kuiate did in their country. Shared the wealth of a prosperous country with their people. This is what can happen when you have a sovereign country with borders. Where you watch who comes in and make sure that they want the same things that you want for your country's future. I believe that everyone who comes into our country should want us to prosper together. They should not want to take from Our country but to build it together. These are exciting times as we see more money than we've ever seen before enter back into our country through trade deals that are fair and honest. This is all because we let the people back into our government positions.

Monday, December 16, 2019 12:00 AM

Ms Slotkin chooses to Impeach

Sunday, December 15, 2019 12:00 AM

Are we going to be Biblically and Free or Secular and Status

Committee to Elect Christina Fitchett-Hickson
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