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Americans Can no longer be Silent!

This government has gotten way too big for our people to feed!

Smaller Government Means Lower taxes!

    I have seen the economy change over time..  It has gone up and it has gone down.  However,  with government, it has consistently gone up and with it went our taxes. We need to elect citizens who have experienced these changes and know the impact of big government vs small government on our district.  Someone who will help us to remove job killing regulations that stifle the growth of our economy.  Lately, many of those in our local government are looking to interfere with our Constitutional rights like freedom of Speech, religion, and our right to bear arms.  Don't trust your future freedoms to these career politicians anymore.  Vote for a citizen legislator who has worked side by side you in your community, understands the struggles of a slow economy and truly represents you and your family.   


 Did you know our Michigan Term Limits policy is under consideration for change?


Did you know our Michigan Term Limits policy is under fire?   Lobbyists are pushing to extend the terms.  We need a Representative that is not beholden to anyone but the citizens of their community. Big money politicians and their lobbyists should not have more power than our citizens.  So, we must keep our Term Limits intact!  I have vowed to do just that! Grassroots elections are working now more than ever!  We don't need big money or special interests groups and their donations like our currentl incumbent.   We just need our constiuents and their votes for better Representation! Voters need a choice that they can trust.  A choice of someone who actually listens to the people and be their watchdog in the State Legislature.  It seems every year that government grows bigger and more is being asked of our tax payers.  We need someone who can objectively look at what the people need and not so much of their own self interests and career goals.   As one of the working class for 15 years, I will be able to speak for you and your interests!


 We need a Representative Who Will not stay Silent While the Governor Enacts Harmful policies on our People?



With this governor we saw dangerous practices of putting Covid positive young people with our most vulnerable elderly.  Yet I never heard a word about it from my Representative!   In fact,  there has been alot that we have been kept in the dark about.  That is one of the reasons I changed my bid for a State House seat when I was already running for the Congressional seat.  When all of this hit my community, I saw our State Governor go dictator!   I had thought my 50th District was safe and I had a good Representative.   But, when our Governor forced a policy to put covid sick young people in the same facility as our most vulnerable  old people, I was there asking for answers.  There was silence!  I knew we needed to balance out our governor and her power.  I knew if she had any more Career politicians bought by her donors, our state could be in big trouble!  So, even though I had already put so much into a run for Congress in Michigan, I switched my run for the State House.  We must make sure this governor does not get away with what she did!   She needs to release the whole death toll.  Where are the 4004 other facilities not in the death toll numbers?  There were 1,967 deaths from Covid  from 447 facilities housing our elderly and most vulnerable.  This makes 34% of our Covid deaths in Michigann which is comparable to other states, But is it?  Our Comparable states counted all of their facilities and she did not!  Where are the other 4004?  Why did she not count all  of our 4,428 facilities in Michigan?  She says this was a partisan issue.  I say this is a human rights issue!  As with Cuomo and several other States under fire for this practice, people lost their loved ones that they were trying to keep safe!  We should have had our Representatives doing press briefings.  Where were they while Witmer vetoed a bill to stop her terrible practice, they stayed silent!  We the people of Michigan need to demand these answers!  Under the Freedom of Information Act we are entitled to it.  Our Representative should be there getting it for us!  Right there in the press getting it!  We must Demand Answers!  We owe it to every Michigander who lost a loved one!


Unify America!  We all share the same Goals in the End!

Vote Your Values!

   We are the United States and we will stand together and fight for our Constitutional Rights.  We need to go back to what works!  God/Family/Constitution/ Law and order.  We need to elect a Representative who respects all of those traditional values that started this country! For example,  when we get past this crisis and get back to normal, I would like to extend a police buddy system throughout our State in our schools.  Many community schools already have implemented this kind of system  and it has been very effective.   As a teacher in Flint Community schools for 15 years, I have seen this program and the lasting effects of it on our youth.  It created lasting friendships and a common purpose for officers and the people in our community . It discouraged  student participation in gangs and encouraged them to find success with academia instead..  There became an alliance with the community and Police.   I believe this program even was part of the reason for the success that our friend Sherriff Swanson had with reaching the Genesee County community during this difficult "Defund police" situation.  We don't need to defund,  but to defend our police.  They need more pay.  They need more community involvement.   They need encouraging to continue the great job they are doing.   As a teacher, I focused on the positive behaviors in my students and encourage them .  I always saw an increase in that kind of behavior from the others.  Of course, if I saw someone breaking the mutually agreed upon rules, there were consequences,  However, the most effective method, was to help them to see it as a a natural consequence.We need to encourage the most effective and loved officers in our community to continue the hard work they do by celebrating their successes in the community.  Continue to make sure they are treating the citizens with respect and have consequences for them in place.  Provide them better training and implement community alliance programs with our schools and our at risk students. This will help both our police officers and our citizens of our community see that we are all in this together and that our community is unified with common goals of protecting our citizens. When officers are in place in our communities, statitcs show crime goes down. This is the kind of program I suggest that would benefit our community.


We need  Representatives who Will Make 

Our Bills Readable and Reasonable!


   Another solution that I am proposing is that we have more transparency in bills that we propose in  our legislature.  Isn't it time that we stop playing politics and start electing those in our community with experiences and skills to actually propose programs and make the changes necessary without the added fat put in there by their donors and special interest groups?  The age of the corrupt politician is over!  Let's elect representatives who will inform our public of intended legislation instead of hiding it and springing it on them at the last minute.   We should have rules in place to give citizens time to react and show their approval or disapproval of proposed legislation. The media used to do a good job of informing the public,, but lately they have dropped the ball. The people now need to stand up and take back the power we have lost by electing leaders who will truly represent them and their interests and inform them of upcoming bills..  This means actually reading these bills..  i propose that we start making these bills readable and reasonable.   Our framers of our Constitution made it very readable.   Why can't we do the same?   

Thank you for your support!


   Thank you for having a part in this great movement! This election will go down in history!  Together we can win back the government for the people, change future campaigning practices forever and bring old fashioned values like Patriotism, God and family back to the United States!


Everyone can do their part! No matter how small the donation.

Please join us!  We have many needs. 

We can run a true grassroots campaign and take your voices to Lansing.

So, just donate as little as a $5 donation to help pay expenses such as the website fees..  Or you can volunteer your time making calls..  We can make a huge difference to get our government back into the hands of our intelligent citizens!


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