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Going out today getting signatures! So many people are not informed about our Flint Water Crisis. If you have not yet watched my news article on Flint's Deadly water which highlights the real problem in Flint which was Legionaries disease, you need to get informed! Flint needs to Demand justice! Why have they ignored reopening this case? Our Congressman is supposed to speak on our behalf about these matters. Where is Kildee?
He is busy writing laws that will take away our freedoms. He is busy with prompting impeachment of an innocent President! We need to remove these people who dont put our needs 1st! Why is Congress not signing the Pharmacy dea?
Where is our new trade deal with Canada and Mexico? The USMCA would help bring in more jobs yet they sit on it!

Committee to Elect Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Rep.
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